Monday, August 27, 2012

Samantha Irby is a Genius and Not in the Boring Way

I've got something for you to read today. Don't click on it yet, read this first and THEN click on it, idiot! It's by Samantha Irby, the funniest person on the Internet. When I read her blog it makes me want to blog more but also never blog again AT THE SAME TIME. Yep, I can't even read something awesome without having some kind of insane crisis because I'm a dickhead who makes everything about myself. In further dickhead news, I'm not even going to link to her blog here because I am sure that once you read it you will never read my blog again. BYE, IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU. Anyway, what I DID link to is a story she wrote for The Rumpus. I shouldn't have even liked this story, it wasn't about preppy murderers or rich people on pills or any of the normal idiotic stuff I like to read about. Anyway I read a fucking ton of shit and this was by far the best thing that I've read in the past six months if not longer. The last thing I read that was this good was by Joan Didion. And Joan Didion doesn't have a fucking hilarious blog, so fuck her. Did you really think I was going to keep that link from you?
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