Thursday, January 05, 2012

Read this, then listen to me talk on yesjessica's podcast

So it's a whole new year. Jesus Christo! I need to blog more. Remember when I used to blog all the time? That was before Jessica started making me read all these terrible books for our podcast. Oh, wanna hear me talk on a podcast? Go to, she links to it. I would link to it but I'm writing this in notepad. One day I will get my shit together, but today is not that day. I just finished reading outliers. Fucking terrible. Why am I not writing horrible idiotic books where I sloppily sum up research other people did and then collect obscenely large checks for it? I'm just as lazy and stupid as the idiot that wrote that book. WHY AM I NOT MAKING STACKS? Whatever. Maybe I'll write a book on parenting based on that piece of shit book. BASED ON THE MEGA BEST SELLER, OUTLIERS, the cover will say. I'll sum up a book that sums up a bunch of articles, make it even more palatable for the masses. Here, let me chew up this book and spit it into your mouth.
Hm. What else besides outliers. We are going to read hunger games next. The hunger games? Oh god, am I turning into on of those old people that puts "the" in front of places it's not supposed to go? Like "are you sending it through the email?" please don't let me turn into one of those sort of olds, they break my heart. Anyway, I picked the hunger games because I need to read everything that everybody else has read. How else am I going to know how much value to place on everyone as people if I can't judge their literary choices? I'm also reading Kafka by the Shore right now, by Murakami. If you don't like Murakami I don't think we can be friends. Although I do wonder how he gets away with describing what people are wearing all the time. Isn't that something you're not supposed to do? I don't care, I totally want to know what everybody's wearing, because contrary to the popular opinion of moms everywhere, life IS a fashion show.
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