Saturday, December 17, 2011

The closest thing to a love letter I will ever write.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with Stephen King. I read all his books in grade school and my mom told me I should be reading real literature instead. I have no idea why she didn't think Stephen King was worth my time, I think he's a great writer and I should know, I've read every book ever written. Anyway, I was looking at my fucking cute baby in the middle of the night last night when I was supposed to be sleeping and I started thinking about Pet Semetary. Ok I read that book when I was probably like eight and as far as I can remember it's about this family who buries their cat in an ancient Indian burial ground and it comes back from the grave, but evil, and then their son who I think was named Gage (wtf kind of a name is Gage) gets hit by a car and they bury him in the pet cemetery even though he is obviously going to come back evil, which, at the time, I was like THESE PEOPLE ARE SO DUMB THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A TERRIBLE IDEA. Anyway I was looking at my baby last night and thinking, I understand now, I'd totally bury her in the pet cemetery. Have you ever woken up to find some dude you slept with watching you while you're sleeping and you have to pretend you're still asleep because it's so weird? I have, and I seriously fucking hope they weren't thinking about burying me in ancient burial grounds. Anyway the baby comes back to life and the mom is so excited and runs to him and the evil baby stabs her like a million times. To death. Does the dad then bury his dead wife in the pet cemetery? I don't remember, but holy shit, that book isn't even about zombie cats and magic devil babies, it's about grief. And then what did I do, I cried. I don't allow myself to cry during normal life because crying is for freaks and losers, so this is what happens, I eventually wake up at 4am, think about a book I read in 1988, and cry like an idiot. Isn't there also a girl in that book with like spina bifida named Zelda? Damn, now I totally want to re read that book.
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