Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've never been rejected in my life. Until today. WHAT THE FUCK. Rejection is fucking gay and I hate it. Here's what happened, I submitted a shitty story I wrote for publication and I got denied by some motherfucker named Brad. No last name just Brad. I FUCKING HATE THE NAME BRAD!!! How come you don't want to give me your last name, Brad? I gave you mine! WHAT THE FUCK! Fuck you Brad, for making me be on a first name basis with you. Of course after I got rejected I immediately wondered if all of my friends were laughing behind my back at how terrible my story was. Crazy, no? THE REJECTION IS CAUSING ME TO LOSE MY GOD DAMN MIND. I immediately texted all of them to tell them I was rejected and to accuse them of being bad editors and bad people, and they were all like "well rejection is a big part of being a writer." to which I said, being a writer is fuckinh terrible, you don't get paid and they make you feel like shit." I said it just like that, with an h at the end of fucking and everything, which tells you how shitty I felt: so shitty that I decided spelling no longer mattered.

Does spelling matter? Have you ever been rejected? Tell me all about it in the comments! (I have to practice writing bullshit like that because editorial writing is all anybody wants from me, sad face.)
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