Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When I was working on my PhD I didn't want to be a professor. That's why I quit my program before I wrote my dissertation, I realized I was essentially spending all this time and money so I could prefix my name with "Dr." which is totally fucking stupid. I didn't think I would be able to handle dealing with a bunch of dumb college students every day without losing my god damn mind. If you have a job you can probably see where this is going. You're probably like "Aw, that's adorable, she thought that that once she joined the workforce she would be surrounded by peers that were intelligent and hardworking! How quaint!" Yes, that is what I thought. The joke is on me though, because now I work with a bunch of adults who are stupider than the kids I went to undergrad with. It's terribly depressing, isn't it, when you realize how incompetent and dumb the majority of adults are? When I was a kid I thought grownups knew what they were doing. Now I know the truth. Lawyers? Dumber than me. Teachers? Dumber than me. Doctors? Wait til I get to know some in my personal life, I'll probably come to the conclusion that they are just as dumb as anyone else. Yesterday at work my boss comes across a file that has the delay code RAZE on it. We work in the mortgage industry. She asks me what I think this delay code means. I tell her I'd assume it means the property has been or will be demolished. I guess she doesn't think I know anything because she calls her boss to ask him. He thinks it must stand for something. Real Asset something something. Because neither one of them knew the word raze. These people probably make three times as much as I do. After it turned out I was right they kept trying to figure out what the last two letters stood for. Zero equity? I didn't even tell them raze is a word, I just let them think I had magical ESP. Bosses don't like it when you are smarter than them. I learned this from my old terrible boss. She tried to have a talk with me one day about how certain attorneys didn't like me because I thought I was smarter than them. I was like "I am smarter than them, what do you want me to do?" i should probably just go back and finish my dissertation and never leave tge ivory tower for the rest of my life
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