Monday, October 10, 2011

My Name is Erin, and I Like to Dance!

Have you ever heard of yo gabba gabba? It's a stupid show for kids that I watch because biz markie is on it and their fucked up animation reminds me of the Tim and Eric show. I watch it with my kid, not by myself, in case you needed that clarified. I am going to mom out and talk about children's programming now so if you don't like mom blogs Im sorry. 

1. I just found out that DJ Lance Rock, the bizzaro spandex nerd with the big ass reading glasses, graduated high school  in 1983. My mind is fucking blown. That dude looks like he's 22 years old. 

2. My other mom friend thinks DJ Lance is gay.  If you're 58 years old like I am, you may remember when everyone thought Mr. Rogers was gay. Isn't it kind of shitty to speculate on someones sexuality based on their portrayal of a character on a tv show FOR CHILDREN? DJ Lance and PeeWee Herman and Mr. Rogers are characters, not real people. Anyway my friend knows DJ Lance is gay because he vogues. UPDATE: not everyone who employs vogueing in their dance repertoire is actually homosexual. Chris brown does it and he is so straight he beats women (that's really straight). Also, Bert and Ernie are not gay and the purple teletubby is not gay. They don't even have genitals; they're puppets. Also, who even cares if any of these people are gay. 

3. Moving on, here's what I hate about Yo Gabba Gabba. It's totally sexist. There are two girl characters on it, a pink one and a blue one. The pink one sucks. When they form a band and get to pick which instruments they want to play, the pink one picks the tambourine. <-- total suck. Dude, the tambourine isn't even an instrument. She might as well have picked that she wanted to dance in a cage while the real band members played. There's another episode where she actually does end up in a cage, because she picked to be a damsel in distress when they played dress up, and she was kidnapped by the blue girl character, who wanted to be an evil dragon. The blue girl character lies, sucks at art, and is a all around asshole. Basically the pink one is Elizabeth Hasselbeck and the blue one is Hilary Clinton through the eyes of a conservative. I can't wait to use Yo Gabba Gabba to explain the patriarchal agenda to my baby.
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