Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Woman Be Free

When I was in college I used to wear this tshirt that used to be my mom's that said "Woman, Be Free" on it, and the dude who is now my bother in law took a sharpie and wrote "Slave" over the word free, and I was so mad. Dag, I'm still mad now that I think about it. He lives with me now in true sitcom brother in law fashion, so I brought it up to him the other day while he was laying around on my couch/his bed, and he said he feels actually feels really bad about it now. Then I sent him out to mow the lawn and while he was gone I threw out all the clothes he left lying around. HA.
Anyway, I'm just wondering why it's so cool to hate women. I'm so sick of hearing about abortions all the time. I get that some people think it's murder, but there are also a lot of actual, objective murders occurring everyday, a lot of which are facilitated by the availability of handguns. I never hear people bitching about handguns, unless it's to say that they should be even easier to get. Last year the NRA or somebody went to the supreme court and argued that it's unconstitutional for towns to ban guns and the only people that would even go against them was the fucking town I grew up in, which is a dumb town of like sixty thousand people in the middle of Illinois. Where were all of the fucking abortion psychos that are supposed to be so into life? They're notinto fucking life, they just don't give a shit about women and are probably mad that we can even vote and own property. And it also irritates the fucking shit out of me that so many people are getting raped that these psychos want special clauses for that. Like rape is a fucking way of life but abortion is not. You think you can't stop men from raping but you can stop women from having abortions? I have news for you, you will never stop women from having abortions, ever. If abortions become illegal in my lifetime I promise you that I will learn how to preform them and I will preform secret abortions in my house, all day long until I die.
You also realize how many people hate women when you try breastfeeding in public. Apparently a lot of people think it should be illegal because it's totally gross. Want to know what I think is gross? Fat people eating, gingers, Christianity, cats, potatoes, and seeing ugly people on a date. Admit it, you think those things are gross too. Let's ban them. Also my best friend, Sabrina. How dare she be so big tittied and loud. Sorry Sabrina, everyone thinks you're gross, and you're not allowed to go outside anymore. You know what I don't want to see anymore? MEN'S TITS. Way grosser than women's tits, in my opinion. Also they're not using them to feed any babies or anything, MAKE THEM PUT THEM AWAY.
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