Thursday, September 01, 2011

There's a girl sitting behind me on the train talking on the phone and she sounds just like fucking Deena on the Jersey Shore. I really want to turn around and look at her. She's talking about camping and how it sounds terrible. What a fucking retard. I might go to Dave's lakehouse this weekend but I don't think that counts as camping since the lakehouse has two bathrooms and a jacuzzi. Remember the movie The Lakehouse? I think it's about Keanu Reeves writing Sandra Bullock love letters from the future or something? I never saw that movie, it sounds like it might be so bad I'd enjoy it. I wonder if I can stream it on Netflix. Ooh I wonder if they have Glitter, the Mariah Carey movie. Maybe this weekend I'll make Dave watch all Razzie winners of the past ten years with me. I love terrible movies. Remember I Know Who Killed Me staring Lindsay Lohan as two different people? I liked that terrible movie so much I BOUGHT IT. (for $4.99).
Ok I just turned around and looked at the Jersey Shore chick behind me and she's older than I am. Good to know that people can still talk like idiots into their forties, what a relief.
Now that you know I like such bad movies, it probably doesn't surprise you that I like the Jersey Shore. What a great show. When my mom makes fun of me for watching it I tell her at least I'm not watching two and a half men, the worst show ever that somehow turned Charlie Sheen Estevez Psycho into the richest fucking person alive. My mom loves that show, which is kind of scary because my mom is generally a smart lady. So many old people like that show! Why? That's not a rhetorical question, I really want to know. Not that any of you jerks are going to tell me because none of you ever comment.
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