Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raining on Prom Night.

For some reason half the time I'm in a meeting I get that raining on prom night song from grease in my head. I have no idea why, if anybody wants to psychoanalyze that feel free. It's raining horribly today so I decided to wear bright yellow tights so everyone will be able to see me from miles away. I'm on the train right now but I'm pretty sure when I get downtown everybody is going to be walking around with umbrellas. I don't know what your thoughts on umbrellas are, but I hate them. What's even the point? Put a fucking hat on your head, that's what I do. Or if you're not going anywhere special don't even wear a hat, why is everyone so scared to get wet? If you think you'll catch a cold, you won't, the common cold is a virus and has nothing to do with having wet hair, aren't you glad I paid attention in biology so you don't have to.
I truly hate people who carry umbrellas, it's terrible. It's like being racist but against 94% of the population. I had an umbrella once and I lost it. Then I had another umbrella and I lost that too. My average duration of umbrella ownership is like one day. It's raining, I buy an umbrella, I leave it on the train on the way home. If you're responsible enough to maintain long term umbrella ownership, I don't even want to know you. I don't even think half the people who have umbrellas like them, because dudes are always trying to give them to me when I'm stomping around in the rain like a street urchin.
I also love riding my bike in the rain. I don't know why it's so fun, it just is. Probably because you're like 600% more likely to get run over by a car while doing it. I love anything that could potentially kill me. That's probably why god gave me curly hair, that's like the only thing that deters me from going swimming in the ocean at night during a thunderstorm: how shitty my hair is going to look afterwards.
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