Thursday, August 04, 2011

Attica! Attica! It's a Dog Dick Afternoon!

Vocab of the day:

Dog Dick Showdown:

Noun. Dog Dick Showdown occurs when a dude accidentally picks up a pre op trans man (usually drunkenly), resulting in a dude that looks like a dude and a dude that looks like a chick standing awkwardly with their dicks in their hands, staring at each other in disbelief/horniness/revulsion/fascination. May result in beautiful anal sex, mutual masturbation, vomit, a beating, all of the above.

"dude, did you see that chick Sean brought home last night?"

"Uh, pretty sure that 'chick' was a dude."

"I know, total dog dick showdown."

Also, a situation in which a woman challenges two men to a circle jerk, promising to bang the one who can go the longest without coming Then she slams the winners dick in a door and yells "BANG!" and runs away while the dude's dick turns red and recedes into itself like a fucking dog dick.

"I heard you went home with Sean AND his brother last night, you whore!"

"Oh, don't worry, they wanted to Eiffel Tower me but I dog dick showdowned them instead."

"Hell yeah, high five girlfrand"

Also, a drink consisting of cucumber vodka and grapefruit juice with a salted rim. You will never find a dog dick showdown on a drink list, dog dick showdown is a secret menu item (e.g. the McGangBang).

"This shitty bartender has never even heard of a dog dick showdown. Man, let's bounce."
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