Thursday, July 07, 2011

No, Seriously, Fuck Them.

Whenever I read "Fuck Jezebel" I think of that Nas song that goes "Fuck Jay Z!" I think it's called Ether. Anyway. Because I love complaining and hating on shit, I am going to tell you something else that really bothered me about Jezebel. God, this is like when you break up with your boyfriend and you can't stop telling everyone every stupid thing you never told your friends annoyed you about him. Jezebel writes about rape a lot, and they get super angry about anti rape campaigns that try to educate or remind women about things they can do to avoid being raped. Because women should be allowed to do whatever they want! They should be able to go to frat parties and get blackout drunk and leave their drinks unattended! Jezebel is right. Women should be able to do all these things. But we can't! And it sucks! But we just can't! Jezebel thinks all rape awareness campaigns should be addressed towards men. Like, "hey, men, stop raping!" Which is fucking hilarious, because I'm pretty sure men are always going to rape women. If prostitution is the oldest profession then rape is probably the oldest crime. Or actually probably not because it probably used to be so normal it wasn't EVEN a crime. Have you ever seen animals mate? I have and it kind of makes me uncomfortable because it looks a lot like rape. If there is life on other planets there is probably rape on other planets. We are never going to eradicate it. Sorry! Sorry you had to find out this way! So as long as you don't want to get raped in this lifetime, you might as well not get in cars with people you don't know and watch your fucking drink, right? (and then you might get raped anyway, WTF, I know).
I wonder if Jezebel finds it condescending to women that there are people working hard to make sure abortion remains safe and legal for rape and incest survivors. Why should they need an abortion? Why should they have to deal with this shitty problem when men are the ones that should stop committing acts of rape and incest upon people! Welcome to the real world guys, it fucking sucks and you need to watch your drink.
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