Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy 1st birthday, kid.

My baby turned one on Saturday, which means a year ago today I was still in the hospital. I had mybaby at Northwestern, it was awesome there and I never wanted to leave so I stayed for like five days. You could call for whatever kind of food you wanted whenever you wanted it and they had wifi and lakefront views, plus nurses will come take the baby away from you so you can chill out and watch mad men in peace and they'll bring her back later when she's all clean and happy. I always wondered why celebrities had so many nannies and now I know; it's awesome. Then I had to leave the hospital and I had postpartum depression and cried all the time. Jesus Christ. Did you know that postpartum depression can last for like a year? If I was still depressed like that I'd have killed myself by now, seriously.

Good thing that shit only lasted like six weeks so I still get to be alive. Having a baby, though. Man it's so shitty! Like when you first bring it home and you're not even supposed to lift your on baby because she weighs ten pounds and they had to cut you all the way in half to get her out? And she screams all the time, and when she isn't screaming you're totally bored because you can't go anywhere? This is why I hate feminism. I seriously don't believe a bunch of dumb ass women actually argued for the rights to have a job like men have. Jobs like men have fucking suck. I should know, I've had several. If every chick I know didn't have to have a stupid idiotic job maye one of them could have come over and helped me not cry all day and lose my fucking mind. But no, and also I had to work too because now that women are working they don't need to pay men enough to raise families, so now everyone has to work, THANK YOU FEMINISM. Feminists act like they're all about choosing choices but they totally effed up my chances at not wanting to work like a fucking man.
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