Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fuck Jezebel

Do you guys read Jezebel? It's a "feminist" website, whatever that even means. I used to read Jezebel because I am a feminist and I like to read, but unfortunately I will no longer be reading that website because it hates mothers. It seems like society as a whole fucking hates mothers these days. For example, it seems like ninety percent of the Internet thinks Casey Anthony deserves the death penalty whether she murdered her daughter or not because she is A BAD MOTHER. Well guess what, it's perfectly legal to not care that your child is dead and to go out partying and being an in general whore afterwards. Weird but legal. Just because the state doesn't get to murder you for plastering pictures of yourself drinking whiskey in a vinyl tube top the day your baby went missing all over myspace or whatever doesn't mean people won't judge the shit out of you for it. Just like people will judge the shit out of you for being the other kind of mother, the kind that takes her kids to Disney Land and posts pictures of their trip on Facebook, oh my god how dare anyone be so boring, nobody wants to see that. Can't mothers just stay off the Internet? And out of public?
Anyway, I read an article on Jezebel yesterday that asked the question "do you deserve to have your expensive stroller stolen?" I am thinking no, I do not deserve to have any of my possessions stolen, including my expensive ass stroller. I am also thinking I don't want to visit a website that asks me if I maybe deserve to be robbed. I mean, if we are talking about stupid wastes of money, I'm typing this on a fucking five hundred dollar phone. Do we all deserve to have our smartphones stolen? What about people that spend $400 on a fucking haircut and highlights, maybe someone should rip all of their fucking hair out, those dumb bitches! And oh my god, what about people that spend $500 on dinner for two at Alinea, someone should stand right outside that restaurant and punch everyone that walks out right in their frivolous stomachs!
I don't even have a fucking car, so I don't think it's that insane that I would want to buy a nice stroller to push around everywhere I fucking go, but it doesn't even matter whether my stroller was a smart purchase or not, what matters is that a so-called feminist website is mocking and shaming me for my choices as a fucking mom. If I wanted to read that sort of sorry shit I would read Maxim.
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