Saturday, June 25, 2011

You know Gisele? The Victoria's Secret model with the really pretty hair and super masculine looking face? Seriously, nice chin Gisele, you look just like my husband. Anyway she had a baby around the same time I did I think. With Tom Brady. I don't even know who that is. She stayed super skinny throughout her pregnancy I guess and then she made some awesome comment that was all over the Internet about how the only reason people get so fat when they're pregnant is because they turn into human garbage disposals and start shoving everything in sight into their mouths or whatever. If my mouth ever turns into a fucking garbage disposal the first thing I'm going to put in there is Gisele fucking Bundchen. Get in the trash where you belong you stupid asshole! It's bad enough that models make everybody feel like shit about themselves just by, like, existing, this one has to open her mouth and basically say yes, you feel disgusting compared to me, well you are disgusting compared to me, you fat filthy garbage eater. I can tell by looking at pictures of Giselle during her pregnancy that she didn't eat enough to properly nourish her child. I'm not fat, or a child abuser, but I think if for some weird reason I am ever faced with having to become one of those I would probably choose fat. I don't know though, I've never been a model. Milla Jovovich is a model though, and she gained tons of fucking weight when she was pregnant, she got super fucking fat. Like, the size of a normal non model person probably. She looks good now though. She's probably a good mom, too. I guess Gisele really can't blame her job, I guess she is just a terrible person who probably shouldn't have had a child since she obviously doesn't care enough about him to provide him with, like, nourishment. A basic human need. Also what kind of person tries to make pregnant women feel bad about themselves? Pregnant women are fucking awesome! They're making whole new people and it's kind of stressful and maybe they feel like they want to eat a jar of peanut butter, just let them eat a jar of peanut butter, Jesus Christ! Man, supermodels picking on pregnant ladies, what is the world coming to.
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