Monday, June 06, 2011

Yan Can Cook

Remember that show "Yan Can Cook?" Probably not you're probably not old like I am or if you are you probably didn't choose to watch crappy cooking shows as a child even though your parents had every cable channel known to man. Seriously we had three different HBOs and I was watching Yan Can Cook every day and not even because I wanted to learn how to cook, but because I thought Yan's accent was hilarious. Anway. I can cook too. I just made an awesome and delicious drink and I'm going to share it with you. No I don't have a picture, I don't feel like posting one from my phone (because I don't remember how and I'm too lazy to google it). Haha too lazy to google it. I'm an embarrassment to the human race. Anyway, it looks like a strawberry margarita so you can just picture that.


1 tiny watermelon or whatever they call those watermelons that are a third the size of a normal one. I think mine said personal watermelon on it but I can't see a person eating that whole thing. Get a seedless one. Cut it up and put it in the blender.

1/2 a jalapeno. You can seed it it you want. Throw it in the blender with the watermelon.

1 lime or lemon. You can squeeze it in the blender or pull the rid off and throw the rest in. I did the latter. I used a lemon because I had one but a lime would probably be better.

Do you like sweet things? Put in some sugar or agave nectar or sweet in low (if you're my grandma) whatever. Do you like weird things? I like weird things, if I had basil I probably would have used some.

Throw some tequill up in that piece. Or don't. BLEND.


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