Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'll Be Your Witness

There's a family on the train with two girls, they're probably like 13 and 15 and the whole family is trying to think of a hobby for the younger one. Somehow they came up with golf. Anyway, the girl is not into the idea of private golf lessons because she doesn't want to be with some freak she doesn't know. I like how she already knows the golf instructor would probably be a freak. She's right! He totally would be! Now the older sister is schooling her on the facts of life. "your whole life you're going to be with some freak you don't know! When you go to college your roommate in the dorm is going to be some freak you don't know! Then you'll get a job and your boss will be some freak you don't know!" That made me laugh so hard because she's totally right. My boss is a HUGE FUCKING FREAK. There's a boy in this family too, he's probably 17 and he's pretending to be asleep. The older sister looks like an adolescent Natalie Portman but with a big nose. They decided on fencing. Is that even a thing people do? Like outside of east coast prep schools? I feel like I'm in a Wes Anderson movie sitting on the train with this family. We're in the conversation seats that face each other at the back of the car, so I am LITERALLY sitting with them. Don't ask me why I feel compelled to write down what is going on around me at all times. You know in grade school when you do group work and someone has to be the recorder and someone has to be the reporter, and someone has to be the group leader? I think my purpose in life is to be the recorder.
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