Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby

What do people get their babies when they are one year old? I'm thinking a bucket swing for the yard, can you drill one of those things into a tree branch? I love swings. When I was little my parents got me a swingset and I used to swing all day and I told my parents it was my manifest destiny to win gold medals in the sport of swinging, and they laughed and said there was no such thing. If my kid ever tells me it's her manifest destiny to play on a swingset I am going to sign her up to learn the flying trapeze. Too bad I'm not my own mom, I would probably be a member of cirque du soleil by now instead of a Fucking paralegal. I will never tell my kid there is no such thing. Thanks a lot mom and dad. There is never no such thing! 
My mom also told me I wouldn't like being a literary agent. I'm not sure what she  thought I wouldn't like, the reading part or the schmoozing part. Two of my favorite things! I'm starting to wonder if my mom secretly hates me and wants to sabotage my life. 
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