Monday, January 17, 2011

hello world. sorry i don't write here any more but it's for your own good. i have a baby now. if i wrote on here it would probably be about shit like how my baby is better than any other baby and how when my baby is older if any other kids are mean to her i plan to get revenge by sleeping with their dads. well anyway, i wrote on the internet the other day, and i loved it, so i guess too bad for you. too bad for you if you don't want to hear about things like how i am trying to learn to communicate with my baby THROUGH TELEPATHY. what did i write for the internet, you might ask? just a yelp review of the bleeding heart bakery. an AWESOME review, in which i used the line MOTHERFUCKING HEATHCLIFF HUXTABLE WOULD NOT HAVE EATEN THAT CAKE. do you see how i am incorporating cosby humor into my life? THAT IS ALL FOR YOU LITTLE BABY. I AM MOTHER OF THE YEAR. I will also sum up my review of the bleeding heart bakery for you in case you were thinking of going: Snotty staff, subpar baked goods, turns shit green. By shit I mean feces, not, like, general miscellany. Actually though I recommend going there just so you can write a yelp review. The owner responds to like every review, like if you don't like her stupid bakery she will call you a psychopath and accuse you of attacking her. She gets so pissed she misspells everything.
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