Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy valentines month

I love valentines day. Remember exchanging cards in grade school? I used to search through the whole box of cards like a true psycho to find the perfect one to give whoever I had a crush on at the time. I choo choose you. 
I used to have super hardcore crushes when I was a kid, like they would last for years. I had a crush on a kid named Joey White when I was five and I still wonder what happened to that kid but I guess I will never find out because his name is fucking JOEY WHITE. Yeah, I said it: if that kid's name was less common I would totally stalk him down on facebook like a total creep because I STILL probably have a crush on him. I think I still have a crush on everyone I've ever had a crush on. 

The other day a married friend of mine was talking about how her friend who also is married is having some kind of crisis because she simultaneously does and doesn't want to cheat on her husband. My friend told me she tried to make her feel better by pretending she had had a crush on someone once. Holy shit man, I'm married too and if I can't find someone to have a crush on I will make someone up. I've had crushes on people who read this blog who I've never even seen. If being married means I'm not supposed to have a crush on anyone ever I don't think I even want to live anymore. Happy valentines month.
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