Thursday, August 19, 2010

jugga what jugga who?

i had a baby. we can talk about that later though, after we talk about the fact that TILA TEQUILA WAS ATTACKED AT THE GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS.

if you don't know what a juggalo is you should probably just stop reading. once you acquire juggalo knowledge you can never unknow it. it's kid of like losing your virginity. if you can avoid losing your juggalo virginity you probably should. you know, i don't even know when or how i learned about juggalos now that i think of it. jessica was over yesterday and we were talking about rape, like usual, and neither one of us could remember when we found out that rape was a thing. so look, another thing juggalos have in common with rape. hm, i'm getting kind of uncomfortable with the fact that if someone googles "juggalo rape" my blog is going to come up. IF YOU CAME HERE SEARCHING JUGGALO RAPE, LEAVE PLEASE.

okay anyway, tila tequila was attacked at the gathering of the juggalos (woop woop). ALL THE JUGGALOS THREW BOTTLES AND ROCKS AT HER AND ALSO FECES AND PISS, AND THEN TWO THOUSAND OF THEM CHASED HER DOWN. i don't know people who can't even figure out how magnets work can figure out how to throw piss.

THE JUGGALOS ALSO ATTACKED METHOD MAN AT THE SAME GATHERING. apparently juggalos haven't heard that wu tang clan ain't nothin' to fuck wit. haha, the gathering of the juggalos. that sounds so fucking stupid. like some world of warcraft shizz. if clowns played world of warcraft. please do not ask me why juggalos attacked method man, i do not have any special insight into their fucked minds, i am just here to report the facts.

i was going to post pictures of my rad baby throughout this awesome post about the insane clown posse but then i decided not to when i realized half of the people reading this probably got here by googling juggalo rape. i can't get down with a bunch of fucked up death clown rapers gazing upon my child, sorry internet, you are going to have to wait.
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