Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I don't have a baby yet

I think my baby is going to live inside me forever.

It is going to live in there forever and creep me out until the end of time. My baby is a creep. It does weird pervert things in there, who knew a baby could be such a pervert, WHO KNEW. If it ever does come out I can't wait to remind it what a pervert it used to be every time I get a chance. Aside from being a total creep I think my baby might be a mutant of some sort. I can seriously feel it growing in there and it feels like my stomach is going to rip in half. Like the baby is growing at an alarming rate. Pretty sure you should not be able to feel your baby getting larger by the minute. Maybe my baby father is a vampire like Edward Cullen, didn't their creepy vampire hybrid baby do something like that? Sorry if you never read those idiotic books and I just ruined it for you, THEY FINALLY BANG AND HAVE A CREEPY BABY. Yes I read those horrible books, I don't regret it either because if you make it all the way to the end A WEREWOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A BABY. Sorry Stephanie Meyer, but if any of my friends fall in love with my baby I am going to call the police, because that is called pedophelia here in the real world.
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