Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm blogging on the train! You guys I'm underground right now!

I'm on the blue line and this giant man is sitting next to me even though there are like seventeen empty seats, oh my god it is giving me a panic attack. This dude is like the giantest man I've ever seen. Anyway I was thinking about getting up and moving but then I realized if something crazy went down on this shitty train I would be pretty much blocked by the giantest man alive, you know, like I some crazy maniac got on the train and started throwing ninja stars at people or something. Then I thought wait, what if this giant man KNOWS that some crazy shit is about to happen and that is why he sat here and blocked me in, BECAUSE HE IS A SUPERHERO. What if it's like that movie where the angels protect that lady and she is like 'why me' and they're like 'because your baby is the only hope mankind has' or something, because she's pregnant. That was in the preview, I never saw the movie. I don't have to watch a lot of movies because I usually just pretend I am in one. Anyway, now I am not getting up and moving because I have convinced myself that the guy next to me is a superhero and that he is going to protect me from certain death. Also what if my future baby is mankind's only hope for real? Well shit, I'm at my stop and none of that shit happened. That is how long it took me to type this on my phone. Oh well, smell ya later, weirdos.
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