Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thai food

I just tried calling my boyfriend to tell him what kind of Thai food I want and it took me forty minutes to find his number in my phone because he saved it as Trisha Nash. What kind of Thai food I want is this curry soup thing with like a giant birds nest of crispy noodles on top of it. I'm supposed to he putting together ikea furniture right now but instead I am blogging on my phone. God my phone is incredible, if it told me I had to sacrifice one friend a year to it I totally would. unlike most of my closest friends my awesome phone never disappoints me. God, Ikea furniture can fucking suck a dick. I wonder if any of my neighbors have a kid that wants to put this shit together for me for forty bucks. I live in the suburbs now so I could probably knock on someones door and ask them that without them thinking I was a psycopath. Living in the suburbs is actually awesome because I'm off the blue line and only like 1 mile outside the city, but nobody knows where to find me. Plus there's a diner right by my house where I can get a hotdog wrapped in bacon and injected with cheese, who even knew such a thing existed.

I guess I should try to think of something interesting to write about tomorrow, I am boring the shit out of myself.
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