Wednesday, March 04, 2009

you're right, i'm so stupid, i should have sent the fillings to cash for gold.

seriously how did i not think of that myself. that commercial is only on ten thousand times a day. and i guess people must be super poor now because it is not just on during the day. when you see a cash for gold commercial during prime time viewing hours you are pretty much living during the great depression.

i really hate that commercial. the people on it are so amazed that gold is worth money. YOU MEAN GOLD IS WORTH MONEY??? do they really say that in that commercial, or am i just remembering this wrong because that's what i say every time i see it. i feel like they might really say that because that is how stupid the writers of this commercial think that people are. a four year old knows that gold is worth money.

sign me up to put a bunch of gold in an envelope and stick it in the mail. my mailman steals my mail all the time. mandy sent me a postcard with a man who went blind from art on it and he even stole that. i would have thought the only person who would want that postcard was me, i guess i am not as unique and wonderful as i thought i was. after i am done writing this i am going to write a short film about my mailman having a serious mental dilemma about whether or not he should steal the giant envelope made out to cash for gold.
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