Monday, January 05, 2009


i am watching gossip girl in the name of research. so far i am learning a lot about dressing like a whore. i can watch all the shitty tv shows i want and nobody can make fun of me because i am writing a tv show. actually mandy is writing a tv show, i am getting drunk and yelling out ideas. hopefully one day we will actually film our shitty tv show and the four people readings this can watch it on here. hopefully i can get that idiot i married to play me, here is his impersonation.

this is the part where if mandy had one on her flickr i would show you a picture of the most annoying asian chick ever. i guess it is probably racist of me to characterize her as asian for no reason but i don't care because she spent twenty minutes that night talking about how she worked at a jew camp and hates jews. wait, what is a jew camp? DO YOU MEAN A CONCENTRATION CAMP? do you know how hard it was for me to not say that out loud? pretty fucking hard.

anyway, i have not been up to shit besides becoming one of the legion of fucking douche ass losers who sits in a bar and writes things down in a notebook, i guess 2009 is the year i start to annoy even my own self.

here is a picture of me ringing in the new year with sabrina and colin. i am obviously talking about something fascinating because colin is playing with his iphone. you can't tell but i was wearing a giant hair clip with feathers and sequins on it. those are my goals for 2009. write a shitty tv show and channel daisy buchannon.
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