Wednesday, December 10, 2008

after all i've done for you!

today my brother called me to ask me what i want for my birthday, christmas, and all those other holidays we both hate. i know what i want for all those stupid holidays, i want my brother to not get back together with his crazy ex girlfriend. because on thanksgiving his stupid ex girlfriend that he dumped called him to tell him she missed him so much she ate fourteen pills and tried to kill herself and she wanted him to go over there and talk to her AND HE DID. god, what a fucking idiot. first of all fourteen pills isn't going to kill anybody, i wish she would have called me, i would have told her to take the whole bottle. i told him not to go over there but did he listen to me, no. i was right though, wasn't i? i mean, when somebody fakes their own suicide to get you to go over to their house and then you do it that means they win, and if someone else is winning, then what are you doing, losing. losing is unacceptable in life and you should never do it. anyway, if she is somehow telling the truth, which she isn't, she is seriously mental and nobody should ever talk to her again, so either way, my brother is a total fucking idiot for going over there. anyway i guess he might get back together with her now. which i thought was the stupidest thing i'd ever heard, but now that i'm thinking about it, it might actually be the smartest because from now until the end of time he can constantly throw it in her face that she faked being suicidal. HEY, REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME, WHEN YOU PRETENDED YOU WERE GOING TO KILL YOURSELF TO MANIPULATE ME INTO GETTING BACK TOGETHER WITH YOU? i would also bring it up every time the other person tried to get me to do something i didn't want to do. I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE LAUNDERMAT WITH YOU. WAIT, ARE YOU GOING TO KILL YOURSELF IF I DON'T? i would do it all the time until the relationship was so unbearable they would break up with me and never contact me again. except then later when i ran into them i corner them and tell them i don't believe i saved their life and then they left me. YOU WERE JUST USING ME, AND I LOVED YOU AS MUCH AS I KNEW HOW! i would say.
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