Saturday, September 06, 2008

fuck fashion

i just read an article about fast fashion. fast fashion is like fast food. cheap shit you don't need. fast fashion is when you buy a dress at H&M that falls apart in the washing machine and then you throw it away which is NOT GREEN, NOT GREEN AT ALL. BAD FOR THE EARTH AND BAD FOR SOCIETY. fast fashion is different than slow fashion. this is slow fashion:

i guess the logic is that nobody would ever throw these shoes away because they cost $795. this is something i learned while reading an article about why i should boycott fast fashion written by the style expert of some stupid british newspaper. the first sentence in her asinine article asks me if i've ever been to bangladesh. uh, actually i haven't, probably because i am not some kind of wealthy international jet setter, which is coincidentally the exact same reason i haven't replaced all my clothes with timeless well made pieces that i can 'wear and wear, and then pass on to my ungrateful children.' aka stuff like this:

god, how am i ever going to embody timeless glamour without an heirloom couture wetsuit. thanks a lot mom.

i don't know if that lady is wearing a swimming cap or what. god, she looks like a fucking asshole. i guess fashion writers don't believe their readers are intelligent enough to figure out that the acutal problem might lie within the fact that said fashion writers have somehow brainwashed millions of women into thinking their lives would be better if they looked more like fucking assholes.
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