Sunday, August 10, 2008

i met a dude who looks just like pete dougherty

i managed to keep that shit to myself for like two hours until it became too much and i screamed BABYSHAMBLES in his face like i had tourettes. i had to travel all the way to elgin for a chance to do this. elgin is a place where everyone hates me but i keep going back there because my love for mandy is that strong. then we had fourthmeal and babyshambles and the rest of his band slept in mandy's basement. we had to sneak them out in the morning like they were soujourner truth. i must have been drunk as hell because i thought there were only two of them but there were three. i probably didn't realize the third one was with the other two because he was conventionally attractive and the other two looked like they climbed out of a sewer.
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