Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i am sick as shit right now except i have to go to work anyway because i am already calling in thursday and friday so i can fuck off in new york. being sick is kind of awesome though because then you can be like your own personal biological weapon. don't make me touch everything on your desk. being sick is also awesome when you married your boyfriend who will never take care of you. then when he comes home and you have a fever of 102 and are about to pass out from cleaning the whole apartment he can tell you you did a shitty job. i deserve this because if i ever married someone stupid enough to take care of me i would probably accuse them of patronizing me and divorce them.

i just took a break from writing this to eat some havarti and i almost cut my own hand off. i can't even believe how much blood is coming out of my fucking hand, enough to stage my own death probably. i guess now is when i finish writing this so i can smear it all over my arms and lay down in the bathtub before dave gets home from the liquor store.
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