Tuesday, July 29, 2008

other things i said i would never do

i bought a pair of skinny jeans this weekend. is that what they call those horrible jeans that are so skinny at the ankle that you can hardly get it over your foot? yeah i got a pair of those. we now know that i am susceptible to peer pressure because i tried the things on and was like HEY MANDY LOOK AT HOW HORRIBLE THESE ARE and she told me if i wear them with this little dress thing i have from american apparel in every color people will think i am awesome so i bought them. then i went home and was like DOES EVERYONE LIKE THESE JEANS, I AM GOING TO WEAR THEM IN NEW YORK. which is how roommate and old friend and my boyfriend that i am married to found out i was going to new york because apparently i forgot to tell them. yes, that is what a terrible person i am, good thing i got those pants or i probably never would have told them and they would have had to file a missing persons report. then they could have put out an amber alert and mandy would have gone to jail for abducting me and transporting me across state lines.

i have absolutely nothing interesting to report, i guess they're right, marriage is boring. maybe tomorrow i will write about the fourth of july and if you are lucky i will even post pictures of myself wearing a sombrero and brawling with a man in the alleys humboldt park.
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