Thursday, July 31, 2008

i know i do not have fleas.

my boyfriend thinks i have fleas at my apartment so he is going to come over here and do flea killing shit and he actually thinks i am going to help him. YEAH RIGHT. why do people go insane about fleas, i know my dogs do not have fleas. it's like people see a speck of dirt and they think they are dealing with a fucking plague from christ or something. i think i would know if there were fleas here being that I HAVE HAD FLEAS BEFORE, NOT MY DOGS, ME. i don't know why i'm not embarrassed to shout that from the mountaintops. they were personal fleas and didn't bite anyone except me. i even went over to my boyfriend at the time's house and rolled all over all the furniture to infest it with fleas and it didn't even work. if you wonder why i wanted my boyfriend to have fleas it's so that i could pretend he gave them to me and break up with him. i ended up having to break up with him the old fashioned way. on myspace. i can't wait to tell my boyfriend that spraying for fleas is not very green of him. i am going to do that as soon as he walks in here and then i am going to tell him that i am going to my room to google 'natural predator of fleas' and find out what it is so we can release one in the house. then i am not going to come out of my room until he is done with his flea shit. while i am in my room i am going to turn the lights on and off until the earth dies.
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