Friday, July 18, 2008

i am going to kill someone.

1. it is so hot outside i am going to kill someone. i just rode my bike home from work and by the time i carried the fucking thing up all the stairs i was so furious i almost threw it over the side of the porch. that is how furious i was FOR NO REASON. it is that hot outside.

2. my mom is on my god damn nerves. she wrote me some stupid email today about how she loves me even though i forgot her and my dad's anniversary. uh, isn't an anniversary one of those fake holidays that nobody cares about except the people whose anniversary it is? even those people might not care. also i can not forget my parents stupid anniversary even if i try because it is five months before i was born NOT NINE, BUT FIVE. slutz.

3. my dog won't stop barking. the dog whose existance i usually deny because she dedicates her life to irritating the fuck out of me. the other dog is being perfect, like usual. barking dog is also sneezing. she sneezes when i pay attention to her, because it hardly ever happens so it is exciting. yeah, she sneezes when she is excited. one of her many ultra annoying traits. she is allergic to good times. she is so excited right now because i am yelling at her. scared and excited at the same time. idiot.
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