Sunday, June 01, 2008

short dresses and soccer shoes

i think that is what i'm going to wear all summer. that is what i'm wearing right now and i am eating a bowl of apple jacks. i don't even like apple jacks and i am not hungry, but eating apple jacks goes with my outfit and i am a slave to asthetics. if only i was eating these apple jacks in a tennis court i could die happy right now. obviously i got a pair of shoes this weekend that are seriously going to change my life. i think they are going to motivate me to take up speed chess. speed chess in the park in short dresses and soccer shoes!

i saw the strangers yesterday with my dear friend alexandra, my dear friend brother of alexandra, and my new friends roommate and girlfriend of brother of alexandra. the latter three live in humboldt park and i think i am going to hang out with them all summer long because they have an enormous porch and i can walk there. anyway we all saw the strangers yesterday. it didn't end with either of the surprise endings i made up in my head while i was watching it. so if you guys see that movie don't try acting all smart by predicting the ending and telling your friends because you will be wrong. also dennis from it's always sunny in philidelphia was in it. i love seeing horror movies in the theater because when you walk out of there everybody is coming up with a plan. my plan was that when i am being stalked by the strangers and am lying in wait with my shotgun i am not going to pick the room where the door faces a wall and you can't see who is coming until they are already in the room. that is why horror movies are great, becuase we all take lessons away from them. brother of alexandra learned the lesson that a kitchen knife is not the best self defense weapon, and there is probably other shit in the kitchen that could be more effective, like a cast iron skillet. also, i am thinking about becoming one of those people who screams at horror movies because i think it could really enhance my viewing experience. anyway, the best part about that movie was that it took the time to explain why nobody was calling for help on their cell phones. because that is usually the first thing i think of while watching a horror movie. don't these people have cell phones?

in other news, dave is in los angelos this weekend, and mandy is still in new zealand. they are both coming back next week and i didn't even die while they were gone. yes, i actually made it all the way through, even though dave abandonned me on taco and tostada thursday and i had to make due with a grilled cheese sandwhich with pam instead of butter. they are going to be amazed when they come back and see the new and improved me wearing short dresses and soccer shoes drinking colt fortyfive while playing speed chess with old people in the park.
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