Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i am reading an astonishing book right now. it is called disgrace and it is by jm coetzee. it won a man booker prize. if you want to do yourself a favor start reading all the books that won a man booker prize, i have read i think five and they are all fantastic. well, they are all fantastic except the life of pi. actually i don't even know if the life of pi was fantastic or not, all i know is that my mom bought it for me off of a display table at borders and it's pretty likely that that is what prevented me from liking it. my brain won't let me like anything that comes with a borders buy two get the third free sticker on it.

i totally bought this book because i like the way it looks.

anyway everyone should probably go out and read disgrace right now. buy it while it still has a nice plain white cover before it gets made into a movie and you have to buy a copy with a picture of keira knightley on it. fuck, i just looked it up on imdb and they actually ARE making a movie out of it and john malkovich is in it. gross. i can't wait until i see people reading this book on the train and i can think about how superior i am because my copy doesn't have john malkovich all over the cover.

i hardly ever recommend books to people because i am afraid they won't like the books and then i will be jarred into reality and realize my friends are all illiterate and then i will die lonely and confused. this book even an idiot would probably like. so you should especially read it if you are an idiot because then when you meet a girl who reads books you can name drop jm coetzee and when she looks it up on wikipedia later she will think you are smarter than you actually are.

i am seriously about to female ejaculate all over this book. i left it at work because i wanted to finish it tomorrow and not today except now i can't function because i want to finish it now.
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