Tuesday, May 20, 2008

vagina power with alexis taylor

this weekend i was going to get a ride somewhere with my friend and i ended up not getting a ride because i was banned from the car by this girl in the car who hates me. this girl has hated me already for like two years or something and this weekend she said she is going to hate me FOR EVER. i already knew this girl hated me but i did not think she would actually care if i got in the car. i don't even think it was her car. who the fuck even bans people from being in cars with them? fourteen year olds? fourteen year olds don't even have cars. they ban you from getting in their mom's car. then their mom tells them to act their age, which they are. anyway it was kind of weird to find out this girl is going to hate me all the way until she dies. and i guess even after that. UNTIL THE END OF TIME. i personally can not comprehend that because i am one of those idiots who can't hate somebody for more than three days, even if i try really hard. that was like my fatal flaw in jr. high. inability to demonstrate longitudinal hatred. i bet this girl was super popular in jr. high. oh i bet you want to know why she hates me. you will never believe it. IT IS BECAUSE OF A GUY. haha of course it is. what is that lady's name who says dick will make you slap somebody? whatever her name is that lady is a god damn genius. DICK WILL MAKE YOU SLAP SOMEBODY! it really will. she is probably going to slap the hell out of me one day. i am surprised that hasn't happened yet. this other time like a month ago i accidentally smashed into her in line for the bathroom at a bar and when i said sorry she looked at me like she wanted to murder me and asked me what i was sorry for. I'M SORRY YOU'RE DICKMATIZED. god, girls are so dumb. i hope i never have to hate anybody for all of eternity, that sounds like a severe waste of my time.
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