Tuesday, May 27, 2008

not i said the jiggafly

today i came home from work and made a bunch of food and me and dave were watching thirty rock and then my stupid boyfriend showed up and took my sodoku puzzles away from me so he could do them and he won't even let me tear out the one i am working on for some reason. dude, it is a fucking PUZZLE BOOK not a collectors item, why he will not let me tear out my god damn puzzle i have no idea. also he took out thirty rock and put in ultimate fighting and of course the stupid idiot puts on a fight where dan henderson LOSES. i told him if dan henderson lost i was going to punch him in the face. then i locked myself in my room because i realize that violence is not the answer. seriously though who shows up at people's houses and takes over everything? oh yeah, dudes. i am thinking of getting a second apartment just for dudes to visit me at. i won't have anything there that could possibly interest them and i won't even care when they handle all my shit like if it was theirs because it won't even be my shit, it will all be from rent a center. i will even give them keys and they will think i am so nice. i gave my boyfriend a key for my real house but you need two keys to open the door. that way if i don't want that idiot to be able to get in here i can lock the other one. i tell him i don't even have a key to the mystery lock and i have no idea why he can't get in here half the time. then i accuse him of not knowing how to use keys. haha i'm such a liar. anyhow now i am locked in my room and he is trying to talk to me from the other room. i don't think he knows i can ignore that shit until the end of time. i absolutely hate when people talk to me from the other room like they expect me to walk all the way out there to find out what stupid shit they are saying now. my mom used to do this to me all the time when i was little and my ignoring powers grew so advanced she started to think i had hearing problems and made me go to the hearing doctor and then when he told her i was just ignoring her she decided i had a mental problem and made me go to a psychiatrist.
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