Thursday, April 17, 2008

what i want to be when i grow up

today i was buying some v8 from the vending machine and i look at my quarter and i swear to god it says LIVE FREE OR DIE on it. i felt like rowdy roddy piper in the greatest movie of all time, they live, where he puts on those special glasses and suddenly all the money says I AM YOUR GOD on it or whatever. then i realized it was just the new hampshire state quarter. thank god i made it past the turn of the century, where every state has its own quarter. remember when there was only one kind of quarter and it had an eagle on it? god those days were hard. i can't wait until i am president and i can remodel all 50 quarters after my own experiences. like, INDIANA: METH AND DESPAIR and MISSISSIPI: IF RACISM WAS A STATE.

i'm pretty sure i could probalby be president one day. if barack obama can become president surely i too can become president. this is fucking america. i can do whatever i want. probably i am going to get hate comments for this but i don't even get what the big deal about barack obama is. i guess i will probably vote for him personally just because he admitted he's done blow. when i run for president i also will admit to doing blow. SHIT YES I'VE DONE COCAINE, i will say when they ask me, WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE, A NERD? everyone will vote for me because i will be so effing cool.
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