Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i don't remember people.

this weekend i was at a bar in elgin and this guy walks up to me like HEY, ERIN LASTNAME? of course i had no idea who this guy was and probably said some thing snotty like YEAH, AND WHO MAY I SAY IS CALLING? it was my ex boyfriend from college. i guess i am going to have to embrace the fact that i am the kind of idiot who doesn't recognize people i used to bang.

this dude used to be glorious looking, now, eh, he is just okay. of course i told him so because i have no social filter. OH MY GOD DUDE, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HEAD? he told me he was in medical school which is absolutely amazing because i always thought he was some kind of idiot. man, i wonder if any of my other ex boyfriends are secret geniuses.

that guy did used to be great looking though. plus he was completely fucking weird which is a big plus with me. he was dating some other chick named erin who pretty much looked exactly like me when i started dating him. if you can even call it dating, pretty much all we ever did was go to la salsa and eat burritos and then walk around aimlessly. he forgot to break up with the other erin before he started dating me and she used to call him all the time and he would just ignore it. so of course she somehow tracked me down and i was like UH, I GUESS YOU GUYS ARE BROKEN UP NOW...?...??? UH...?...DID YOU EVER NOTICE HE IS KIND OF AN IDIOT THOUGH? then i took her to la salsa. i still talk to that girl. i guess i should call her and tell her i saw our ex boyfriend.
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