Thursday, April 24, 2008

i brought my dad to the mutiny again

this time my bar dad was there WHOA, WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE. actually i don't know if that dude can be my bar dad anymore because the other day i'm pretty sure he showed me and sabrina some video footage of him molesting an underage girl. my dad loves the mutiny for some reason. i should probably start bringing him once a week. LOOK DAD, YOU CAN BUY DRINKS FOR ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS FOR THE SMALL PRICE OF $30 AT THIS FINE ESTABLISHMENT. my dad even bought drinks for my favorite bartender. maybe she can be his bar daughter.

my big plans for tonight are watching the office and eating microwave enchiladas. the great thing about mexican food is it tastes pretty much the same out of a microwave as it does when you go to an actual restaurant. that is also the great thing about hotdogs. the other great thing about hotdogs is they taste exactly the same coming up as they do going down, i really recommend them if you plan on drunken vomiting. oh god, hotdog vom. not very many foods taste good recycled. bacon is another one. and i guess pretty much anything smoked. lox. i am going to be honest with you and tell you that this is not new material, this is an actual conversation i had with my boyfriend today. it's pretty awesome when your boyfriend likes to purge the same foods as you do, a sign of beautiful true love.
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