Friday, April 25, 2008

another friday night

something rich people like is pretending to be poor. yesterday we had the skylights open and i was sitting under one getting rained on for ten minutes until dave started to close it and i was like HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, STOP, THIS IS AWESOME! I AM BELIEVING THAT I LIVE IN A SHANTY! too bad if i was actually poor and rain was pouring into my home i probably would not think it was cool at all. this is also like how stupid children of incredibly rich people think it is so cool to go out and get jobs on their own merit. do any normal people feel all incredible for getting a job on their own merit? no. pretty much my biggest goal in life is to meet someone who will give me a job i am in no way qualified for with no actual responsiblities. also my parents liked pretending we were poor for the first twenty years of my life, and they were so good at it i actually believed it was true. like even though everybody i knew had central air, did we have central air? of course not. we had a giant window unit that looked like it was probably the first air conditioner ever invented, and it was in the den, and when it was really hot my mom and dad would sleep on the couch in there and me and my brother would sleep on the floor, like poor people. then i got older and realized if you have a room in your house that you call a den, you are probably not actually poor. i guess my parents probably liked that shit because it made them feel less guilty about being upper middle class or something. i don't feel guilty about that shit at all. i am going to put the air conditioning on tomorrow and that shit is going to stay on until november. and if it is ever not fucking humid out again i am going to open all the windows and i am still going to leave the air on. it is not even wasteful, it is a business necessity, today at work my hair looked like a fucking lion and nobody took me seriously for the whole day.
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