Monday, February 04, 2008

peanut butter jelly time

there are workmen in my house again because we got a washer and dryer and they are building a cave for it. i don't know why the washer and dryer can't just sit in the middle of the hallway. the washer is one of those front loding ones you can watch your clothes spin around in. why hide that shit? i know why, because it turns me into a retard. seriously i want to sit in front of it and paint my toenails while i watch all my clothes make soapy friends with each other. they have been building this washer dryer cave for like two weeks. i could have built this thing in one hour. i think they made it out of cardboard and staples. god these workmen better get out of here soon, they are driving me out of my fucking mind. i have never heard so much noise in my entire life. also they took all my environmental lightbulbs out and replaced them with cheap shitty ones. what the fuck! they probably thought i would never notice, too bad that is the first thing i noticed when i walked into the house. i don't believe these workmen stole my lightbulbs. i just made juice out of turnip greens and tomoatoes. yeah, that is what i am actually doing right now, drinking homemade turnip juice and blogging about lightbulbs. wow. do you know how many cigarettes i am going to have to smoke before i feel cool again? probably a lot.
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