Thursday, January 24, 2008

giving the people what they want

i guess i will talk about my assistant now. having an assistant is awesome. he pretty much has to do whatever i say. today i had him call a bunch of my friends and tell them they are in foreclosure. yesterday i made him wear a flower in his ear all day. i am totally attracted to my assistant. god we actually have a calendar at work with all our pictures in it, i wish i knew what i did with my scanner, i would totally draw a big heart around me and him and post it on here for your viewing pleasure. he is like six foot five. today we were having a twenty minute conversation about ramen noodles and my roommate who also works in my office called me on the phone and asked me what i was doing and i made my assistant write a summary of ramen noodles and fax it over to him. to the fax machine four doors down. god, i bet you wish you were my assistant. too bad i would probably be less attracted to you and wouldmake you do actual work.
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