Wednesday, January 30, 2008

fevers, movies and tv.

i have an insanely high fever right now. i should charge people money to observe me when i am sick because it is probably hilarious. yesterday i couldn't get the childproof tylenol open and i went insane and hacked it open with a butcher knife. then i watched carnivale for six hours and actually started crying because i want to be in a freakshow in 1934 so bad it hurts my heart. it was like deja vu from when i had scarlet fever in 1994 and rented tombstone and practically became suicidal over the fact that my manifest destiny was to become doc holiday. i should not be allowed to watch tv shows set in eras characterized by tuberculosis and opium dens because they seriously make me lose my fucking mind.

i wonder if in like sixty years some stupid girl is going to become psychotic over wishing she was alive in 2007. probably not because modern times are fucking gay. people do not become psychotic over urban sprawl and the internet. people become psychotic over carnival justice and epic battles between good and evil. maybe i should join a gang or something.

my roommate made me watch juno yesterday. that movie is full of moldy peaches songs. at first i thought it was retarded how juno is all into like iggy and the stooges but then the soundtrack is all pussy bike ride music, but then i realized my roommate is the exact same way. oh my god i bet my roommate secretly wrote this movie. a lot of moldy peaches songs in this movie. i used to think the moldy peaches were annoying as hell until i realized how awesome they sound if you pretend you are in a canoe. except you can't pretend you are in a canoe while you are watching a movie because then it just becomes ridiculous. so that was hard for me. also the language was annoying as hell. THANKS A HEAP COYOTE UGLY, THIS CACTUS STINGS WORSE THAN YOUR ABANDONMENT. ew sixteen year olds don't talk like that and neither should anybody else. plus i'm pretty sure she says wicked at least once. are sixteen year olds even old enough to remember when stupid losers thought it was cool to say wicked? hm, i doubt it. this stopped annoying me after the first half hour either because it got better or i got used to it i'm not sure. okay this movie was actually good though. when it was over i said something about not believing justin batemen turned out to be such a total douche and my boyfriend is like YEAH AND WHAT IS REALLY FUCKED UP IS HOW HE IS MICHAEL CERA'S FATHER. god i guess i should watch more movies with my boyfriend because he amazingly beats me at the asinine commentary game.
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