Wednesday, December 19, 2007

who the fuck do you think you are?

today i got to listen to some dumb girl talk about how she doesn't choose to invest her money on education. i personally think education is a pretty good investment. then instead of sitting around thinking you are better than everyone you can sit around actually knowing that you are better than everyone plus you have peices of paper that prove it. i guess this is what uneducated people think that educated people sit around thinking all day, and that is why they have to tell me what a waste my life is, so my giant egg head doesn't explode megalomania all over their dry clean only sweaters. except if you think you are going to like self teach yourself to brilliance and beyond it is actually you who are a megalomaniac, like who do you think you are stephen hawking? oh wait, stephen hawking went to college. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, A FICTIONAL CHARACTER FROM GOOD WILL HUNTING? maybe some people do not even concern themselves with brilliance. i am jealous of those people because they probably have very comfortable lives. anyway here is my question. are these people serious? every time somebody starts telling me about what a complete waste education is i immediately start thinking HERE WE HAVE A PERSON WHO IS SO SCARED OF HIS STUPID LIFE HE CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT. is it like how i am constantly talking about how i don't give a fuck if anybody likes me or not? because i totally give a fuck if people like me or not. i give, like, a thousand fucks. god i'm so stupid. everybody in the world is so stupid. and if the word uneducated was an apt description of me i bet i would be fucking bitter too.
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