Wednesday, December 12, 2007

christmas list i gave my dad this year

anything that is gray
anything that is conceptual
anything with a hood.
all three? yes please.
all white rubix cube.
book to learn braille.
little brother named charlie that i can call chaz.
anything with excessive zippers
anything with excessive buckles
digital video camera. required to be good for stop motion animation. not required to be good for anything else.
knowledge of what exactly is going on in the warehouse on fullerton that says DEADTECH on it.
white pit bull that answers to the name of coco chanel. bonus for natural black markings that resemble interlocking c logo.
rorschach inkblots
painting of a man with flies swarming out of his mouth. one of the flies should be saying 'i tried to tell you' in small letters. the man should appear to be in agony.
books written by men named john.
real state in an imaginary place.
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