Friday, November 23, 2007

thanksgiving is awesome

i went to everything in boxes today, the best store in the universe. i should really hate everything about this store because it's pretty much just a giant room with tons of retarded shit laying all over the floor and they don't have carts they have boxes on a string, so all these people are pulling around boxes full of stupid shit, it's disgusting, it is like straight out of tom goes to the mayor. i guess true love really is blind. and then i go there and i turn into a crazy old lady or something and have to buy up all the bargains in sight. that is what it's really called, bargains in a box. i don't know why i call it everything in boxes, i guess because i am mentally three years old and have to make my own words for things. i got a teapot for five dollars. everything there is one dollar, two dollars, five dollars or ten dollars. and it is all color coded. hot pink = $5. most of the really cool shit is five dollars. i also got some shit to plug my ipod into the wall. fuck yes, my life is no longer going to be dictated by batteries. i tried buying this shit from apple one time, that shit was fifty dollars and it turned out just being a dock and i am supposed to then buy the plug which is probably also like fifty bucks. who buys basically a stand for their ipod for fifty bucks? me, because i am an idiot who is fooled by apple's deceptive packaging. too bad i can buy that shit at everything in boxes for five dollars.
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