Saturday, November 10, 2007

here is where i tell you what tv shows you should be watching

every weekend i watch tv on dvd. it is like i guess i could watch a movie but then i would have to lift my fat whore ass out of the bed and walk across the room to find a new movie after two hours and that would impede on my pretending to be a parapalegic until 4pm. usually i just watch the office again and again. which led to this thursday's mystic phenomenon of me reciting the lines of the brand new episode along with the actors. i guess if the writers strike continues i should move to LA and pursue a bright shiny future as a scab. anyway i am watching dexter now. holy shit. is it wrong that i relate to that psycho on like twenty seven different levels? no, we are all gods creation, even if we become sexually aroused from dexter's brilliant opening credits. dexter is also totally soothing to fall asleep too unlike, say, tom goes to the mayor, which will make you want to kill yourslef if you watch it while incredibly hungover. which you probably are or else you wouldn't be laying on top of twenty seven pillows watching dvds for six hours. yes, it turns out everything that makes tom goes to the mayor awesome will make you wish you were dead if you watch it while dry heaving over an ice bucket. get ready to contemplate stabbing yourself the stomach and spelling out JOY PETERS MADE ME DO IT with your entrails.
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