Monday, October 08, 2007

i watch queer as fuck

this weekend i ate nothing but ramen noodles and watched the L word for seven hours or something. oh my god ramen noodles are so fucking good and you can sustain yourself on them for like twenty cents a day. do you like how i had to type out the word cents because i don't even know where the cents sign is on a keyboard? that is basically how awesome ramen is. ichiban, mauruchen or whatever, i don't even give a fuck i will eat it all. i bought the L word because i had no cash and felt like a damn fool putting something that costs seventy sents on my debit card. I'LL TAKE THE ECONO-PACK OF BEEF RAMEN AND THE SHOW ABOUT LESBOS. THANKS. i was going to buy that movie bug i don't even care what bad reviews it got i bet it is awesome. anyway the L word cost the same and it came in an enormous box. that is the kind of thing people who eat ramen look for. WOAH THE RATIO OF VIEWING TIME TO DOLLARS IS SUPER FUCKING HIGH IF I CHOOSE THIS SHOWTIME PROGRAM ABOUT LESBIANS. after watching a shit load of that show i think i might be a lesbian. seriously the christian right is on to something when they try to keep programs like that off the air with the asinine credo that it is going to turn our nation gay. after watching seventy lesbo sex scenes i pretty much decided i could do that. no i was pretty sure i could do that before. i'm surprised none of my boyfriends ever tried to get me to have a threesome because i am probably the dykiest straight chick ever. when i was in high school and we learned about that condition where girls somehow have two y chromosomes i totally i thought i had it for like five seconds until we got to the part where those girls never get their period. it was like OH THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH--OH WAIT I GUESS NOT, THE MYSTERY CONTINUES. there's even a little boy on the show for me to have a crush on.

oh wait that's a girl. why have i never had sex with an androgynous girl? that is pretty much what all the guys i bang look like anyway.
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