Wednesday, October 17, 2007

probably the real reason i thought i was dying of cancer yesterday

i spent twenty minutes staring at my monitor until i got double vision and wondering if it would be worse to get raped normal style or if the guy like stabbed a hole in your side and then raped that. don't ask me why i started thinking about this. probably because i am strange. i think i would rather get stab wound raped i'm not sure though, if somebody actually stabbed a hole in me and started fucking it i might change my mind. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS THIS IS THE KINDS OF THINGS I THINK ABOUT ALL DAY. my brain is probably so mad at me for wasting it on this. like instead of using it to invent a car run by magnets or whatever i am forcing it to ponder stab wound rape, probably not even a real thing. oh my god what if somebody googles stab wound rape and ends up at my blog? i am going to feel internet violated. okay i just googled it and nothing came up. i guess that means i invented it. god i can't wait to tell my psychiatrist about this.
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