Monday, October 29, 2007


i went to target to buy movies yesterday because if i rent movies i never return them and end up owing the stupid video store a hundred and twenty dollars. and then when i try getting a job and they do a credit check i guess my boss finds out i actually rented a movie called monkey boy. anyway so i watched the movie bug yesterday. uh. okay i just sat here in utter confusion for three minutes after i wrote that. you might think a movie directed by the man who brought us to live and die in LA would be enjoyable but this movie was like the opposite of enjoyable. except i am not going to declare it THE WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME like i usually declare every movie i see because i think it actually might have been good. i'm not sure, i don't even have any idea what technically makes a movie good or not. i can tell you what makes a movie barely watchable though, insane crackheads tearing their own skin off and rambling about conspiracy machines for two hours. thank god i made it to the end though because i finally got to see what a shitty motel room looks like covered in saran wrap and aluminum foil. and what it looks like is catra's ice palace. anyway will someone who has seen this movie please tell me if it had any kind of merit or not because i can't even think about it anymore without wanting to choke myself with my own severed tongue.
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